[icecast] connection problem

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Wed Feb 28 11:16:12 UTC 2001

I have done some tests on the problem I keep having (as well as others) on
the connection problem.

Here's the message I get when i tail the logfile on the console at debug
level 3 :

-> [28/Feb/2001:11:58:54] Kicking client 13 [] [Too many
errors (client not receiving data fast enough)] [listener], connected for
21 minutes, 19906336 bytes transfered. 0 clients connected
->[28/Feb/2001:11:58:54] DEBUG: Removing connection 13 of type 0
-> [28/Feb/2001:11:58:54] DEBUG: Closing fd 12

The tests I've done in-house were with winamp as a client, and the
following server/streamer combinations :
icecast 1.3.0/shout 0.8.0
icecast 1.3.7/shout 0.8.0
icecast 1.3.8b2/shout 0.8.0
icecast 1.3.8b2/ices 0.0.5

All of these give the same perceived problem and the same error in the

The connection between client and server is a dedicated leased line with a
512 kbit bandwidth.  The streams themselves are all 128 kbit; since I use
about 128 KB buffering, network problems shouldn't be an issue here.

I'd like to set up some general testing with other users to track down
where the problem is coming from.
I'm thinking doing the same standardized test, with different server
setups, with different network setups, and different clients.

Right now I'm led to believe that the problem is somewhere between the
icecast server and the client.  I've also tried sonique as a client and it
seems to have the same problems at first glance.

I'm just taking a guess here, but maybe somewhere along the line the
winamp client is expecting 128000 bits per second and icecast is sending
out 128kbit per second, or something to that effect ?

Does anyone know how this error is caused, why a client wouldn't receive
data fast enough (as I would think it would take as much as it needs to
play the stream each time), and why that really should be a problem anyway


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