[icecast] lots of icecast help needed

Asymmetric asym at rfnj.org
Wed Feb 28 10:22:57 UTC 2001

At 00:54 2/28/2001 -0600, you wrote:

>I found out what it was, and I'm quite embarrased that I've missed it for so
>long.  I had set the hostname setting in icecast.conf to a local IP (my
>icecast server is also a router with two IPs), thinking that this would only
>allow people from that local IP (and not on the outside) for attaching as a
>source.  (That's what the beginning of the hostname description says), but
>apparantly you need this hostname in order for yp to reply to you.  Doh.

Ahh.. that's not the problem with my 404's here, but I'll look into them 
next. :)

>I am not getting any of these problems.  I guess libshout is much nicer to
>I can see how WinAmp is nice, but then you would need two computers for
>streaming audio when it could be achieved with only one computer.

That's true, but I don't mind.. I'm building another machine here out of 
spare parts for just that purpose, so I can get the sourcing off my main 
(win2k) workstation machine.. I like the gui too much for these kinds of 
things, and I really can't stand X.. it's a bigger hack than nullsoft stuff. ;)

>You can get this information by parsing the stats.log, which is located in

Ahh.. thanks for that bit of info.

A little bit of grep, a little bit of sed, and I've got my status back to 
the way I want it. :)

>Now, is there a way to see the last 10 songs played?

I think you could do the same kind of thing I did.. use grep and sed to get 
the song title from the stats file, and then "cat >> " it to the file you 
want it in.. a tad bit more magic to chop the head off the file if it's 11 
lines long after the addition, and you're in business.

>I am so happy I found this list.. There's no where else to go, really.

Yeah.. I don't pay a lot of attention to the list usually, but to be fair 
it was down for a while and I kinda forgot it was even here.. ;)

Even so, it's a good place to come for help and stuff like that.  The guys 
are really busy I guess, as far as answering emails goes.. and my one 
inquiry on the irc channel (it was suggested I ask there in a response to 
an email) gave me the answer "read the source." ;)  That was back when I 
was deciphering the icy protocol.. I gave up on reading the icecast source, 
it's documented about as poorly as the icy protocol itself, and just broke 
out the sniffer and figured it out on my own.

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