[icecast] lots of icecast help needed

dj66 route66 at machineandsoul.com
Wed Feb 28 06:54:25 UTC 2001

> >First, my server isn't being posted to yp.icecast.org or
> >Error results:
> >WARNING: Connect to yp.icecast.org failed
> >directory_add([yp.shoutcast.com:80]) failed, could not connect.  (retry
in 0
> >seconds)
> I can't say for sure what could be causing this, but I'm having problems
> with yp.shoutcast.com myself.  I get:

I found out what it was, and I'm quite embarrased that I've missed it for so
long.  I had set the hostname setting in icecast.conf to a local IP (my
icecast server is also a router with two IPs), thinking that this would only
allow people from that local IP (and not on the outside) for attaching as a
source.  (That's what the beginning of the hostname description says), but
apparantly you need this hostname in order for yp to reply to you.  Doh.

> >Right now I am using Ices, with metadata on.  (I can see the song titles
> >streamed in WinAmp and in the web interface).
> How is that working for you?  I'm using winamp and the shoutdsp on a
> windows box to source my streams to shoutcast and icecast, depending on my
> mood.  I've found that if I turn on metadata in icecast, the streams do
> exactly as the warning says they "might" do.. which is totally garble,
> screech, squeal, and loose sync.  It would be great if they could get this

I am not getting any of these problems.  I guess libshout is much nicer to

I can see how WinAmp is nice, but then you would need two computers for
streaming audio when it could be achieved with only one computer.

> 1) Generate a simple template that will output a very small file I can
> include via apache SSI that contains the currently playing song title, the
> stream bitrate, the number of users currently listening on that stream,
> the maximum number of users supported.  This was terribly simple to do
> shoutcast, and is proving to be a big hassle in icecast.

You can get this information by parsing the stats.log, which is located in

Now, is there a way to see the last 10 songs played?

> Good luck, and maybe we'll see some updates to icecast (and the website)
> sometime this year. ;)

I am so happy I found this list.. There's no where else to go, really.

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