[icecast] lots of icecast help needed

dj66 route66 at machineandsoul.com
Wed Feb 28 01:57:48 UTC 2001

Hi, I've been running Icecast on my server for over five months now and am
having lots of problems with it.  I must have pulled out half of my hair on
this product, mostly due to lack of support.  (I mean, have you ever gotten
an answer to your question at icecast.org?)  I've tried it all:  sc_serv,
Icecast, shout, ices, streamcast, liveice.  I could greatly use any help.

I am using the latest Icecast (latest Ices, libshout and libshout-perl) from

First, my server isn't being posted to yp.icecast.org or yp.shoutcast.com.
Error results:
WARNING: Connect to yp.icecast.org failed
directory_add([yp.shoutcast.com:80]) failed, could not connect.  (retry in 0

Right now I am using Ices, with metadata on.  (I can see the song titles
streamed in WinAmp and in the web interface).

Interestingly enough if I use sc_serv, and Ices (or shout or streamcast) in
icy mode my server name gets posted to yp.shoutcast.com but my song names
don't get posted.  We are trying to use yp.shoutcast.com as a means of
drawing more people to the site.  Any ideas what's going on here?

Second, is there a www admin template variable for showing last 10 songs?
There is one for the current song, but last 10 or 5 would be insanely
better.  Is there a logged file, or logged playlist, somewhere that has
this?  I have not been able to find it.  I image I could write a perl script
as part of the playlist handler, but this must have been done already?

Libshout likes to take down Ices and Streamcast once every other day or so,
but it's something I can live with and work around.

Thanks, and cheers!

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