[icecast] directory servers and stuttering

Michael Faurot mfaurot at atww.org
Sun Feb 25 21:00:28 UTC 2001

You wrote:
: Do your two bogus servers cause stuttering under 1.3.7?  There's a big
: difference in the errors you can get from trying to make a connection,
: no route to host, connection refused, just really slow, blah blah.

Good point.  I put 1.3.7 back and tested.  The initial bogus servers
worked pretty much okay.  

: You're looking for test cases where the connect time would be REALLY
: slow. or at least he time to determine there was nothing to connect to.
: most running machines will just refuse connections immediately, so many
: the bogus servers are a good test. :)

I believe I've found a fairly reliable test case that can be recreated.
I substituted the orginal "bogus" servers I used the first time with two
IP addresses that go to some dial-up accounts with static IP accounts,
where those dial-up connections would not be on-line.  I can supply you
with these IP addresses in private email if you wish to replicate what
I've done. 

With these in place I was able to get 1.3.8beta2 to also stutter. :{

What can I try next?

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