[icecast] directory servers and stuttering

Michael Faurot mfaurot at atww.org
Sun Feb 25 19:35:02 UTC 2001

You wrote:
: This is odd.  Directory server touches are ALWAYS in a separate thread,
: and have no interaction with the rest of the stream, except that they
: need the info.. (I just realized what the bug is).

: The directory server should be limiting the connect times to 15 seconds.
: Do you find that this always happens for 15 seconds?

> From listening to the stream, it's impossible to say given the retries
and so forth.  But from these log file excerts, they seem to have 15
seconds worth of seperation:

[25/Feb/2001:13:24:40] [1:Calendar Thread] WARNING: Connect to yp.icecast.org fa
[25/Feb/2001:13:24:55] [1:Calendar Thread] WARNING: Connect to yp.radiostation.d
e failed.
[25/Feb/2001:13:25:16] [1:Calendar Thread] WARNING: Connect to yp.icecast.org fa

: Try 1.3.8 as well, maybe the updated connect code didn't go in until
: then.

Will do.  I'll report back after I've had a chance to compile and set
that version up.


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