[icecast] Remote Telecasts?

Leo Currie aeu01322 at strath.ac.uk
Sun Dec 16 19:27:54 UTC 2001

On Sat, 15 Dec 2001, Hermann Schwaerzler wrote:

> one thing you have to consider is the significant delay (8 to 10 seconds)
> you get. if you listen to your FM-broadcast on the remote-site you can
> hear everything about 10 seconds later. which is sometimes funny.
> sometimes it's a problem. :-)

Yep - the delay is fun! (doing a voice-over, and then listening to
yourself 20 seconds later on the radio!! =)

We had someone at the studio on the phone with a stopwatch, and at the
remote end a cellphone, and it was just a case of timing the delay between
what came over the phone and what came through the server.
Our remote program had to start on cue at the end of a studio based show,
so we just timed the start so it was early by the number of seconds delay.
(I.e delay = 20 seconds, so remote program started 20 seconds early =>
gets to studio on time)

There is proprietaty software available for this same task (AudioTX) but
using Icecast was very straightforward, perfectly reliable and cheaper =)
as long as you can live with the delay.


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