[icecast] Remote Telecasts?

Leo Currie leo.currie at strath.ac.uk
Fri Dec 14 23:28:41 UTC 2001

> Does anyone have experience doing remote live broadcasts over Icecast?  My
> thought is to use a Dell laptop running Windows (yeah, I know ;-),
> locally to 16khz, and pump the output to a remote Linux box.
> Has anyone done something like this before?  Thoughts?  Issues?

We (Student radio station in Glasgow, UK) took a feed from a DJ in Cambridge
and re-broadcast it on FM for 2 hours with no probs.

Cambridge end was simple cable modem, so we had a very steady 96k mono ogg
stream with no dropouts/rebuffering problems. Source was winamp with oddcast
Our end was Icecast2 running on Windows NT which was also serving another
stream to about 4 listeners around the globe. We just pointed winamp at the
mountpoint for the remote source and fed that into the main (external
analogue) mixer.
Worked very well, however it was 2am, and we do have nice fast network here
at the university end.

I would guess you could do it on a cellphone if you had the inclination
(fancy running 2 phones shotgun?) but i've never tried it on a modem dialup.

Oh - we did it once using shoutcast over single (64k) ISDN line - 24k mono
mp3 stream going to Shoutcast, and we also had a webcam uploading an image
every minute. Again, no problems reported, no streams dropped.

Good luck =)


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