[icecast] Icecast2 access problem

Jim Shepherd jimshep at mindspring.com
Mon Dec 3 23:05:41 UTC 2001

I seem to be having problems with people accessing an icecast stream
from one of my computers.  I am using the current cvs of icecast2
(icecast module), libshout2 (libshout module), and ices2 (ices module)
and the RC2 version of the ogg and vorbis libraries.  I connect to the
internet via DSL and have the DSL modem attached to a Linksys router. 
The router is configured to forward all port 8000 requests to the
computer running icecast.  The access log shows that a lot of
connections have been made, but I am not aware of anyone who has been
able to successfully listen to the stream (except for the computers on
the same side of the router, which can access and play the stream
without any problems).  I have attached a copy of the icecast config
file that I am using.

Here is the link to the stream in question.

Jim Shepherd

contents of icecast.xml:

        <location>Shepherd House</location>
        <admin>jimshep at mindspring.com</admin>







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