[icecast] Newbe: OK so far?

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Thu Aug 23 06:58:13 UTC 2001

>    OK, I found LAME's web site and installed it using the source for it.  That
> appears to work.  I also found a couple of libxml... packages and either
> replaced the existing ones and added a few others.  That went without problem.
> However the same problem exists.  I found that the lame.h file is in a
> directory of /root/lame3.70  Perhaps the make can't find it at this directory?
>    IS there anyway during the make process that I can pause the process or
> scroll back to find the first error?


I would first of all recommend getting at least lame 3.87; it makes a lame
library for you, and if I recall correctly, it also installs the header
file in the right place.

In your case, lame.h is in the dir you mentioned (root/lame3.70) because
that's where you unpacked the source ;)

If 3.87 does not install the header file in the usual location
(which would probably be /usr/local/include, or (slightly less likely)
/usr/local/include/lame, both in case for a source install), you can copy
it there manually, because that's where it should end up anyway - only the
lame people have historically been better at writing code than packaging.

If you don't want to do that, copying that lame.h to your ices source dir
will work as well.


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