[icecast] Newbe: OK so far?

Scott Vetter svetter at dsli.com
Wed Aug 22 21:53:23 UTC 2001


   This is the first time I've used icecast and ices.  I've got SuSE
Linux 6.3, and downloaded icecast 1.3.11 and ices 0.1.0.

   For icecast I've done some configuring on it and am running it.  I've
pointed it to yp.icecast.org and the admin console says it's server id =
69.  ices is not running now (see next paragraph) should I see my
icecast server on yp.icecast.org?  If it should I don't.  Is this a

  Now for ices,  I've gotten through the "./configure" and get several
error messages:
parse.c:45 parse error before 'ices_xml_get_children_node'
parse.c:45 parse error before 'cur'

Unfortunately I cannot scroll back to see what the first error might
be.  And just getting to learn C/C++.  Any idea on what is wrong?

As for my other questions:

   Has anyone built a newer version of icecast for OS/2?
   Is there a program which will take sound input from a microphone and
put it through icecast in real time?



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