[icecast] problems with liveice

Joe Bowser bowserj at unbc.ca
Mon Aug 20 15:03:29 UTC 2001

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On Sun, 19 Aug 2001, Rocael Hernandez wrote:

> Hi! I'm running icecast 1.3.11 and liveice under
> Mandrake 7.2
> Right now I don't have a sound card, but I will. Also
> I need to reencode the MP3s that I'm sending to the
> icecast server.

OK, you should use the latest version of ices and set it up to re-encode
with libmp3lame.  liveice is no longer supported by anyone (AFAIK).
> I followed the instructions but it doesn't seem to
> work, when I first run icecast and after liveice I got
> this:
> from icecast
> Accepted encoder on mountpoint /icy_0 from
> localhost.localdomain. 1 sources connected
> and from liveice
> playlist
> 1
> opening connection to localhost 8000
> Attempting to Contact Server
> connection successful: forking process

Do you have your encoder setup?  I remember having this problem way back
when I first started using Icecast..(Wow, that was a while ago)

> but nothing happens (I have tried running the icecast
> server in the same box and in other box with the same
> results)

The server is probably working fine.  Try first reinstalling liveice, make
sure you have your encoder set up correctly (preferrably lame in this
case) and make sure that you have it setup for CD mode.

However, if you are not sending in Live Input (even if you were, there are
better programs for Live Streaming) you should be using ices.  It's also
available for download from http://www.icecast.org/

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