[icecast] problems with liveice

Rocael Hernandez rocaelh at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 20 05:13:18 UTC 2001

Hi! I'm running icecast 1.3.11 and liveice under
Mandrake 7.2
Right now I don't have a sound card, but I will. Also
I need to reencode the MP3s that I'm sending to the
icecast server.

I followed the instructions but it doesn't seem to
work, when I first run icecast and after liveice I got
from icecast

Accepted encoder on mountpoint /icy_0 from
localhost.localdomain. 1 sources connected

and from liveice

opening connection to localhost 8000
Attempting to Contact Server
connection successful: forking process

but nothing happens (I have tried running the icecast
server in the same box and in other box with the same

If I just try liveice (without running first icecast),
liveice seems to work but the icecast server doesn't
report any source connection, I got in the screen this
"###" running and if I do ps ax I see

mpg123 -sq /mnt/windows/yss/portillo.mp3
(something that I don't see if I run first icecast and
then liveice)

What am I doing wrong?
please help me!

Thank you,

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