[icecast] Metadata, again..

Asymmetric all at biosys.net
Sun Aug 12 08:33:35 UTC 2001

At 17:05 8/11/2001 -0400, you wrote:

>you tell me. Works alright here, except in xmms which has a bug in its
>shoutcast metadata handler. I've submitted a patch at bugs.xmms.org
>for it.

Hmm.. well with the current version of winamp and the previous two it would 
and does skip if I have metadata enabled.. it'll start anywhere from ten 
minutes to an hour into the stream and then just get terrible.  If the 
listening client is restarted, it goes away for an indeterminate amount of 
time, then happens again..

> > the song changes and when a new user connects, at the beginning of their
> > data?
>probably not, but nothing would read it.

How do you figure?

> > I don't see any reason to send it at a particular interval, just on-change
> > from the source is enough I would think.  AFAIK an ID3 tag is simply an
>not necessarily.

When would it not be enough?  What I'm suggesting here is that the icecast 
server interpret the metadata it gets from the source (which it obviously 
can do or it wouldn't know the song titles, etc) and then instead of 
sending them out in this same format, it sends them out as an ID3 tag.

>because the clients skip the "invalid frame"?

Clients skip "playback" of the invalid frame, but they do parse it for a 
valid ID3 header.. this is how ID3 works.  The first characters of the 
frame are ID3 which both simultaneously identifies the frame as ID3, while 
invalidating it as an mp3 frame for playback (Valid frames are all bits on).

>The protocol you're talking about is exactly how shoutcast does
>it. I've had no problems using shoutcast-style metadata to feed a
>current winamp from a current icecast.

I understand that is how shoutcast does it, I'm trying to find out why 
icecast doesn't do it the same way.  I've used 1.3.11 and it still has the 
same problem.. If icecast were doing it the same way as shoutcast, then I 
think it would work better.. and not have that glaring warning in the 
config file about using metadata at all.. something to the effect of "this 
doesn't work quite right and probably never will."

I'll give it another whirl and see how it goes just for the sake of doing 
it.. but if anyone remembers that patch they sent me, I'd love to have it 
again.  It was very simple and worked like a charm.


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