[icecast] Metadata, again..

Asymmetric all at biosys.net
Sat Aug 11 20:53:35 UTC 2001

Hmm two questions..

First, a while back someone emailed me with a patch against the icecast 
source that seemed to allow metadata to be enabled without all the goofed 
up skipping and so on that happens by default.  Can someone contact me with 
this again?  I've lost the patch..

Second, to the icecast guys.. what exactly is the problem with metadata 
currently?  Would it be terribly hard to just stream out an ID3 tag when 
the song changes and when a new user connects, at the beginning of their data?

I don't see any reason to send it at a particular interval, just on-change 
from the source is enough I would think.  AFAIK an ID3 tag is simply an 
invalid frame in the stream that is skipped by any respectable decoder, and 
making the frame invalid is trivially simple.. I'm having a hard time 
understanding why this doesn't work.

It's a real kick in the nuts to have to use shoutcast and all it's BS 
problems to just be able to show the song titles in winamp, which is 
undoubtedly the most widely used player.


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