[icecast] Well here i go again :)

Rick Wilson colly at undernetlinux.com
Mon Aug 6 11:51:22 UTC 2001

Alright , once again, thank you for all the help , it has been interesting.
I got ices to work successfully , except for using lame.h , i for the life
of me , can not get it
to include it , no  matter what version ( i have tried from 3.66 to 3.70 )
and can not get it to include it. ( heh i started using 2.* series and have
not figured out it is not included :P.

The other issue i find i hear about liblame , hense i can not find it

when ./configure --with-lame-includes=/usr/include/lame , the lame.h is
there as  with most of the versions above 3.66
hense it will not include it if it life depends on it ( or mine )

I tried streaming with out lame and it is choppy as all hell, so i am
guessing that lame is more then required to get a
nice clear stream.

Any help from the excellent guru's that have already been so kind , would be
much appreciated.

Pointers to the correct lame and ices would be pretty sweet too :P

Thanks once again.
Peace - Rick Wilson ~

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