[icecast] Error: Client not receiving data fast enough

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Mon Aug 6 02:38:29 UTC 2001

> -> [05/Aug/2001:12:25:01] Kicking client 4
> [cr7890-a.wlfdle1.on.wave.home.com] [Too many errors (client not receiving
> data fast enough)] [listener], connected for 0 seconds, 26010 bytes
> transfered. 0 clients connected
> Any idea what it means?  Is it a mis-configuration?  Sometime to do w/
> LAME?  I have no clue where to start

Almost always this means that data is being sent to fast.  Ie, you're
player must play at a certain rate, probably 44.1k samples per second.
If icecast sends you data too fast, eventually you're buffer will fill
up, causing the socket to block, causing errors.  They look the same as
if the bandwidth between you and the server isn't good enough to
maintain the connection, and in a sense, that's the case.  But instead
of the network introducing blockage, your client is introducing it.

You're only getting 26k of data, so I have to assume that this is not
the problem.  26k of data isn't even enough to fill up your streaming
buffer, unless you've gone off and set it at 0 bytes or something.

What client are you using?  It might be that it's networking code is
totally hosed.


ps. is essentialmix.ca connected with the essential mix cd's in stores?

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