[icecast] streaming vorbis files from an openbsd box

Craig Latta Craig.Latta at NetJam.ORG
Sat Aug 4 01:34:59 UTC 2001

> >        I've installed icecast2 and ices2 on an OpenBSD box. It all
> > seems sane from the server side, but when I try to listen to my
> > stream from winamp 2.76 with Peter Pawlowski's vorbis plugin
> > (1.12), from a win98se box, nothing plays.
> try the newest plugin and/or jorbis.

        It turned out the audio files I had grabbed from the Net for testing
were encoded with an overly-aged encoder. I encoded something else, with
Pawlowski's latest winamp vorbis encoder plug-in, and everything worked.

        So all I had to do was take im_oss out of the Makefile (at the
suggestion of Michael Smith, after oss_ioctl wasn't found during
linking), and use -pthread instead of -lpthread (a peculiarity of
OpenBSD, I think).



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