[icecast] how to modify ices source?

Robin P. Blanchard Robin_Blanchard at gactr.uga.edu
Wed Aug 1 18:37:09 UTC 2001

hello alexander...

you may or may not be acquainted with the program otto; it is
a web-based jukebox solution. it has the ability to play both
locally as well as to an icecast server via ices. however, as
there is not a static playlist, ices needs to to exit after
streaming an individual song. the author of otto had the following
suggestion for stream.c per ices-0.0.1.beta5:

i modified the stream.c file in the src/ directory.

here are my diffs:

<       /* no i don't. -jon */
<       /*while (1)*/ {
>       while (1) {
<                       /*continue;*/ return;
>                       continue;
<       /* now it is. -jon */

basically i just commented out the while loop and changed the continue
to a return.

how would i accomplish this using the latest CVS of ices?

your help is greatly appreciated.

Robin P. Blanchard
IT Program Specialist
Georgia Center for Continuing Ed.
fon: 706.542.2404 fax: 706.542.6546
email: Robin_Blanchard at gactr.uga.edu

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