[icecast] iceS/Icecast Problems

Mark Lehrer mark at knm.org
Wed Apr 25 17:17:55 UTC 2001

   100mbit connection
   icecast 1.3.10
   ices (beta)


   Clients can connect fine and hear the stream,
   yet some people report choppiness and chirpiness and some people hear it
   fine.  The people that report the chirps and chops say usually they just
   reconnect and it goes away, but they have to do this often.  Eventually,
   the server will start kicking people off on its own and then eventually
   ices will die all together.  That is why I believe the problem lies with
   ices.  I have tried running the server with streaming titles both on and
   off.  Same thing happens.  I have also heard that icecast/ices has
   problems under FreeBSD and this behavior is typical with FBSD.  Can anyone
   confirm or dispel that?  

This is a bug in icecast up through version 1.3.10 - congested
connections can lead to the choppiness.  Some clients (loseamp) also
cause the problem more easily.  I believe there is a fix in the latest
CVS version, or I can send you a quick one-line fix.


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