AW: [icecast] ices question

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at
Tue Apr 24 17:36:37 UTC 2001

> i start any stream via sh-skript like :
> ./ices -B -d Radiocity -F /music/playlists/alternative.pls -m
> /alternative -g Alternative -h localhost -n Alternative -p 8001 -P
> <password> -r -R -b 128 -s 0 >/dev/null
> ./ices -B -d Radiocity -F /music/playlists/dance.pls -m /dance -g Dance -h
> localhost -n Dance -p 8001 -P <password> -r -R -b 128 -s 0 >/dev/null
> ....
> is this correct ?
> at this moment i will try another lame , 3.87

that seems correct.  If the different mount points are listed then that is
not the problem.

Why do you specify port 8001 in ices, however ? if you left icecast.conf
as per default, it listens on both 8000 and 8001, so that should work,
anyway.  But it seems a weird thing to do, and I'm not sure how the
metadata streaming works that winamp expects, but I would think that
winamp tries to look for it on a port where icecast is not listening.
I would also try specifying port 8000 or dropping the parameter altogether
(since 8000 is the default).

If you give your ip address and it's accessible, I could listen and maybe
hear what the problem is.


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