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Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Tue Apr 24 14:18:43 UTC 2001


> hi folks,
> after some adventures for setup an icecast server , the system is now
> running, but there where some questions open:
> 1. ) i use ices as streamer for the server. in some cases (i dont know why)
> is ices break after an while of streaming. ices re-encode the mp3 files with
> lame 3.88 to stream them. there is no hint why the stream is broken in the
> log files. after an restart of ices all looks good. The time for the next
> break is randomly, i.e. after 40 titles or more. is there an hint why the
> stream breaks ?

ices uses the lame 3.87 API.  They changed it for the new version.
download 3.87 and try that and see if it works.

> 3.) the hardware of my server is a pIII-450 with 2xgb hd , 128MB ram and an
> 100MB ethernet nic(possible a good system). If i want to start more than 3
> streams , all streams are running not continously. many dropouts and
> squelches while playing. is there an config problem nor is the hardware too
> small ? the stream running with 128kbs/44khz. ive tested with 64kps/22khz
> and 32kps/22khz and there is no better run of the server.....

my guess is you connect all of the clients to the same mount point,
causing icecast to interleave the data.  Which is obviously not a good
thing.  If this is the case, then you should get the errors as soon as you
start the second stream.

You can also check by pointing your web browser at
<A HREF="http://<yourserver">http://<yourserver</A>>:8000/list.cgi and see what mount points you have


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