[icecast] yp.icecast.org || when does your stream come into the db?

Jack Moffitt jack at icecast.org
Fri Apr 13 01:46:49 UTC 2001

> How do you define the mount points? Are they a directory within
> /usr/share/icecast that contain an index.pls file for example?
> Forgive me but the documentation appears quite sparse here.

A mountpiont is a fragment of a URL (often referred to as a URI) like
'/stream1' or '/my_cool_stuff/stream.ogg'

You tell shout, ices, or whatever what mountpoint to use.  It's
arbitrary what you call it.

Then the client requests that mountpoint, thus getting the stream.

It's like making a file called index.html which you stick in the webroot
diretory.  It's then accesible as /index.html.  Except hat in icecast,
you use shout or ices to "make something accessible" and the mountpoint
just becomes an artitrary moniker.

it's necessary to distinguish different streams this way, as just
connecting to:


gives you no indication of which of the possibly multiple streams you
really want?  You need the extra information.


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