[icecast] what I'd like to do

harvey smith harvey at buskers.org
Wed Apr 4 00:43:13 UTC 2001

On Wed, 4 Apr 2001, John Griffiths wrote:

> I just want to stream a set of mp3 files so that folks on modems can
> hear them using winamp or (in a perfect world) RealPlayer.

Should be not much problem.

> i've set up an old 486 running debian 2.2r2 using the debian icecast
> packages (shout doing the streaming).

I would use Ices to do the streaming.

> I understand that a better streamer might help. will such a streamer
> run on such an old machine?

Ices should run fine. 

> are there any binaries for such a newer streamer?

Probably, I don't know debian though...

> would re-encoding my mp3's to a lower bitrate help? whats a good
> bitrate for modem users?

YES. for modem users (56K) a 32kbps stream will work, 40kbps maybe, but
not reliable. If you need slower modems (28K) you need to go down to
16kbps, but that will sound real crappy (IMO) unless maybe for talk and
not music.

Re-encode ahead of time, Ices has a feature so you could reencode
on-the-fly but a 486 will not have the power to do that.

Hope that helps.


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