[icecast] Simple directory question

Mike Prudence mjp at filmsat59.com
Sat Apr 7 09:26:01 UTC 2001

At 02:40 06/04/01 -0700, Harry wrote:

>It turns out, from what I can tell, streamcast doesn't send bitrate 
>information. Here's the changes I made in the part of the code so that it does:
><                icy_compat      => 0,
> >                icy_compat      => 1,
> >                bitrate         => $bitrate,

Well, how weird is this, eh ?  Thanks for the tip, Harry.  I made the 
change, and now my stream is fine (no stuttering, no clicks, pops, bangs or 
crackles) but it didn't help me get a listing on any of the directory 
servers I'm trying!

So, I've now got a good stream, but I've lost all my listeners.  I'll keep 

In the meantime, does anyone actually know what this means....

directory_touch_xa([yp.icecast.org:80]) completed...server id = 69

Is this success or failure?  Is there someone on the list who helps run the 
iceast directory who can answer this question ???



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