[icecast] OK, am I missing something ??

Mike Prudence mjp at filmsat59.com
Wed Apr 4 22:26:51 UTC 2001

Hi all,

Didn't get any replies to my previous query, so I thought I'd try again.  
Since I last emailed out, my station has appeared on yp.icecast.org, so I 
really don't know what was going on there....

This time, however, I'm hot on the trail of a generally crappy output 
stream from icecast/streamcast/ices.

It stutters; it halts on track changes; it causes the little red light on 
Winamp to flutter on and off.

Listening on the LAN - seems fine.  Listening at home on my cable 
connection, sounds crap.  I can receive lots of stuff from the Internet 
fine, but just not my stream.

So, I must be missing something obvious.  Sadly, my one complaint has to be 
that it seems difficult to find out what I'm missing.  I've been to 
iceast.org, tried thumbing through deja, eventually found the source for 
ices and streamcast and liblame and gogo and goodness knows what else.

But none of it seems to work.  I'm not stupid, I've been running Linux 
systems for years and compiled up a load of stuff from scratch, but I can't 
help but feel I've somehow overlooked the 'icecast cookbook' site that has 
simple examples of config files, needed libraries, case studies, and 
testimonials from people who have running systems that work perfectly.

I also haven't stumbled over a tool to debug this sort of thing.  My Win98 
Winamp player flashes it's little red light at me, but what does this 
mean?  Is there a tool which can analyse an incoming MP3 stream and give me 
a small clue as to what is not right???

Can someone please, please give me the small clue I need to get this system 
running reliably ?  

I know my music isn't much cop, but it's now become personal :-)


mjp at filmsat59.com

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