[icecast] Simple directory question

Mike Prudence mjp at filmsat59.com
Tue Apr 3 14:53:08 UTC 2001


I've been running an icecast server for about a year, and never really had 
the chance to test it out on the other side of our Internet link.  We've 
had a lot of people trying us out, but very short connect times in the 
whole.  I finally got a cable modem at home, tried having a listen, and 
found the stream to be very stuttery.

So, first things first, I went and grabbed the latest icecast source, 
compiled and installed on my linux box.  I then set about twiddling the 
config file, and finally got some sense.

However, we've disappeared from yp.icecast.org as far as I can tell.

Looking in the logfile, I see the following:-

[1:Calendar Thread] directory_touch_xa([yp.icecast.org:80])
completed...server id = 69

which seems to suggest that all is well.  But it ain't, 'cos we're not listed!

Anyone had something similar??  I also get a server id of -1 from 
yp.shoutcast.com, which I assume is their polite way of saying 'please take 
your business elsewhere' :-)

Other info: I'm using streamcast (irdp kept on hanging up on me - 96% CPU 
usage, no stream coming out) and I've turned metadata off 'cos it makes the 
stream stutter and warble.

Oh, and if anyone wants a listen, the stream's at




mjp at filmsat59.com                                   http://www.filmsat59.com
Films at 59 Ltd, 59 Cotham Hill, Bristol.  BS6 6JR ENGLAND  +44 117 906 4300

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