[icecast] [shout/icecast] problem streaming

Nils Christian Oldenburg noldenburg at ctberlin.de
Mon Apr 2 07:52:06 UTC 2001

hello folks,
i had a problem with streaming on icecast.
Version 1.3.10 / shout 0.8.0
the server startet successful , and shout is eatblish an stream on localhost
port 8001. if an client read the stream via winamp on a windows machine in
the lan , then is there in the first 10 sec anything ok, but after this time
is the permanently drops for one sec
the mp3 files are in diferent bitrates , most of them in 192 kbs, some in
128 kbs.

server_name localhost
port 8001
password some_password
mount default
name RadioCity
desc RadioCity_-_The_Sound_of_CT
genre Misc
url http://radiocity.ctberlin.de

public yes

hort_titles yes
title_streaming yes
id3 no
autocorrect yes

playlist radiocity.pls
loop yes
shuffle yes

autodetect yes
default_bitrate 128000
force no

daemon yes
verbose yes


location RadioCity CT Berlin
rp_email webmaster at ctberlin.de

erver_url http://radiocity.ctberlin.de/

max_clients 300
max_clients_per_source 300
max_sources 20
max_admins 5
throttle 35.0

use_meta_data 1
streamurllock 1
streamtitletemplate %s
streamurl http://radiocity.ctberlin.de
nametemplate %s
desctemplate %s

mount_fallback 1

encoder_password some_password
admin_password some_other_password
oper_password some_other_password

#icydir yp.shoutcast.com
#icydir yp.breakfree.com
#icydir yp.musicseek.net
#icydir yp.van-pelt.com
#icydir yp.radiostation.de
#directory yp.icecast.org
#directory yp.mp3.de
#touch_freq 5


port 8000
port 8001

erver_name radiocity.ctberlin.de

force_servername 0

logfile icecast.log
accessfile ice_access.log
usagefile ice_usage.log
logfiledebuglevel 0
consoledebuglevel 0

reverse_lookups 0

console_mode 3

client_timeout 30

kick_clients 1

#staticdir c:\windows\desktop
staticdir /music

templatedir /usr/local/stream/icecast/templates

logdir /usr/local/stream/icecast/log

tats_log stats.log
statshtml_log stats.html
stats_time 60

kick_relays 10

transparent_proxy 0

#acl_policy 0
#deny all *
#allow all *.ryd.student.liu.se
allow all *

[end of icecast.conf]

the system is a non-public server in an intranet.
Is there something to configure to play a stream with different bitrates? or
need i reconfigure all files that they are in only one bitrate?

need help , please .....

yours Nils Oldenburg , germany

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