[Icecast-dev] ices metadata

Diogo Rodrigues dmfrodrigues2000 at gmail.com
Thu May 19 17:11:24 UTC 2022


I am using Ices2 + Icecast to stream some audio files with metadata. These
audio files are supplied by a script, by using the ices script input module.

I read that, every time the script is run, it should supply a single line
containing the location of the file to be fed by ices.
However, I believe I read somewhere else that there was a way for the
script to provide extra information after the file location.

I was wondering if it is possible for me to write a script that can send
custom metadata to ices after the file location, instead of ices getting
the metadata from the audio file. This way I would not have to change the
file metadata before streaming; I would only need to tell ices to use some
different metadata.

Thanks in advance
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