[Icecast-dev] MetaData Update for FLAC and OPUS

Roger Hågensen rh_icecast at skuldwyrm.no
Tue Aug 20 18:19:30 UTC 2019

On 2019-08-16 08:10, Bernd Niedergesäß wrote:
> I am a software developer myself. We develop a Radio Automation System/Broadcasting. Hence we are using the reference encoders.
> For OGG there is LUCKILY still the admin interface working to update meta data mid-stream.
> That is why my post is related to the other ogg based formats: FLAC and OPUS!
> Tractor Pro is btw not supporting FLAC or OPUS and alao uses the admin update interface!
> As such please provide the same admin meta data update features as available for MP3, AAC and OGG also for FLAC and OPUS!!
> Thanks
> Bernd

Hmm! I'm the tech guy at GridStream Productions (oldest still existing 
MMO radio station). And the two streaming services we've used (which 
handles royalties as part of the server package) only accept Shoutcast 
v1 (aka the "admin interface").

So we haven't had the chance to do it the proper way (Ogg stream metadata).

While I haven't checked, perhaps a muxer might work? I have not looked 
into if ffmpeg can act as a (re-)muxer.

I'm designing a internal tool that is intended to become a public tool 
in the future but that is a long way off.

What about BUTT (Broadcast Using This Tool), does that not do Ogg metadata?

As to your request to add support for the admin metadata hack to Ogg 
streams etc. I think Philipp was very clear on that and I agree with him.

The proper thing to do would be to contact the maintainers of the Ogg 
Opus etc encoder. And ask for a way to feed metadata updates to it while 
streaming/encoding audio, or for a Ogg muxer that can add that metadata 
to a stream encoder by the reference encoder.

The Shoutcast v1 (and even v2) are not good designs, and v1 can't 
properly handle unicode characters and can't pass on album or year or 
other info either.

Unless specified otherwise, anything I write publicly is considered 
Public Domain (CC0). My opinions are my own unless specified otherwise.
Roger Hågensen,
Freelancer, Norway.

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