[Icecast-dev] [icecast metadata]Voting functionality

Christoph Zimmermann nussgipfel at gmx.ch
Wed Aug 29 21:31:44 UTC 2018

Hi Marc

> there was a voting button (UP and DOWN ) and when you hit the button
> during the track was playing, it displayed
> " Thanks for your vote, the song is now on position 106 because of
> your vote" , i thought neat idea and i was researching a bit

Yes, indeed it is a nice idea and it gives the listener much more
reason to go to your website and therefor see what else is on it.

It gives much more activity on your site and other functions, if you
have a forum or other means for discussions, likes, blogs etc.

> so is there any metadata for a song ID , so that you could assign the
> vote to the right tack.
> is this helpful ? Anyone ever implemented such a functionality and
> could point me in the right direction ?

The voting function is not related to icecast itself but for the
streaming source. This also knows about the song currently playing and
songs that are available.

The software behind CVGM radio (http://www.cvgm.net) is
called demovibes and is open source software:

It allows you to vote (on CVGM you need to log in, on bigbeatradio.com
no account needed, but streams are permanently down) but has many other
interactive features like browsing the collection, queue songs,
favorites list, information about labels, artists, instruments used,
links to other sites.

All the best,

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