[Icecast-dev] [icecast metadata]Voting functionality

marc [Wordpress-to-go] hello at wordpress-to-go.de
Tue Aug 28 22:00:26 UTC 2018

hello ice experts,

recently i was listening to a streaming radio station and beside the
usual, artist ,cover art, song title

there was a voting button (UP and DOWN ) and when you hit the button
during the track was playing, it displayed

" Thanks for your vote, the song is now on position 106 because of your
vote" , i thought neat idea and i was researching a bit

so is there any metadata for a song ID , so that you could assign the
vote to the right tack.

i found this REST API for IceCast 2 written in PHP on github 

is this helpful ? Anyone ever implemented such a functionality and could
point me in the right direction ?

Thanks in advance


P.S.  screenshot of the mentioned player from the station website

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