[Icecast-dev] GSoC update 1

"Thomas B. Rücker" thomas at ruecker.fi
Wed Mar 4 23:46:55 PST 2015

Hi everyone!

We have already some students joining the mailing list and I'd like to
welcome all of them on behalf of the Icecast project!

We're still looking for mentors, so if you feel you could help with
mentoring one of the existing ideas, *also* as a backup, please contact
me! Also if you have great ideas in the Icecast context, please add them
to the wiki, even better if you volunteer to mentor them! It would be a
shame to limit our participation due to a limited number of mentors or
to run into problems halfway if a mentor becomes unavailable.

For our interested students, please check out the ideas list above too.
Feel free to ask specific questions about any that you feel would
potentially suit you. We'll try to answer them here.

Please check out the mailing list archives too:
Specifically I addressed some of the API questions, that many students
are interested in here:

We'd recommend that you also familiarize yourself with the Icecast
project in general. Set up your own Icecast server (there are packages
for most Linux distributions and a Windows installer), set up a source
client, stream to the server.
Quite thorough documentation is here:

Bit of a bonus round:
We have an issue tracker for Icecast issues here -
This is a mixed bag of not just Icecast server, but also libshout and
IceS issues. If a student sees a ticket that he feels he can address and
provides valuable insight or a patch, then this would be a major
advantage in their favor. Please note that we don't expect that, as most
Icecast tickets are either complicated or require familiarity with the

As I already said, we'll be contacting individual students also with
small tasks related to the ideas that they declare interest in, both to
give them an idea of what will await them and to give us a better picture.



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