[Icecast-dev] GSoc 2015 Queries

"Thomas B. Rücker" thomas at ruecker.fi
Wed Mar 4 23:25:32 PST 2015

On 03/04/2015 02:24 PM, Nikhil Ramesh wrote:
> Dear Sir/Madam,
>              I am Nikhil.R, second year student in Birla Institute of
> Technology,Pilani, India. I am interested in applying for Google
> summer of Code(GSoc) under xiph.org <http://xiph.org> .I have around
> two years of experience in web development and I am currently working
> for startup also as a backend developer.  I am very proficient in
> Javascript, PHP, Python, Lua, SQL, HTML5 and  CSS3. I have done many
> side projects using the same tools.
> Link to github profile: https://github.com/rnikhil275
> This should give you a good idea of the experience I have in this
> field. I have uploaded around 80% of my projects there.

To be honest that looks like quite a mix of things and hard to evaluate.
Which two projects do you feel highlight your skills related to the two
projects you mention below?

> I am interested in two projects:
> Stream directory API
> Client side for stream directory API

If you'd work on the client side, which player software would you like
to target?

>       I have also worked with WebRTC before, as you can see from my
>       github profile

What would you say is the most important innovation that webRTC introduces?

> I want to learn more about the project and if possible submit a small
> demo, before submitting a final proposal. I also want to get some
> guidance on how these should be implemented so that I can start as
> soon as possible.

We'll be contacting students with small tasks, to get a feeling, but
also feel free to check our issue tracker.

> I just wanted to know more about the project so that I can show you
> guys a prototype before the final proposal submission. I want to do
> some simple tasks first showing that I will be the right candidate for
> the project.

We don't expect you to get on the actual task just yet, but we do
certainly appreciate that you want to prove that you're the right
student to do it. Please check the mailing list archive, I pointed a
student yesterday at some information on the topic of the directory
already. Also if there are suitable open tickets that you want to try
yourself at, be our guest.



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