[Icecast-dev] HTTP Basic Auth alternative

renan jegouzo renan at aestesis.org
Tue Jan 13 08:25:50 PST 2015

Would be better to try directly https protocol, to be more secure.



On 13/01/2015 16:47, dtouch3d completely wrote:
> Hello,
> Is HTTP basic authentication the only way for icecast to perform
> authentication ? With a link like
> http://username:password@example.com:8000/mystream
> (HTTP basic authentication) it has a number of problems regarding
> browsers. Chrome for security reasons does not follow the link and shows
> a popup asking to enter the credentials but this destroys user
> experience for a site with a webplayer. It works fine afterwards.
> Internet Explorer does the same.
> It would be ideal if icecast would get the credentials from the GET
> parameters, something similar to
> http://example.com:8000/mystream?user=username&pass=password
> this would eliminate the browser problems with the basic auth.
> I am willing to implement something like this as it seems relatively simple.
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