[Icecast-dev] Compile Icecast under different name & file path / Icecast Error Logging

Byron Young bky at bkyoung.com
Mon Dec 14 11:22:32 PST 2015


This is really a release engineering question, not a package devel list
question. However, as I've done this a few times in different ways (with
varied results), I'm interested in both what others are doing and what
they have tried. The answer is site configuration dependent, especially
regarding deployment policies that probably require live testing use
full versioning of all binaries, libraries, docs, manpages, and required
dependencies to completely isolate the new package installation (or at
least as much as possible), and, that the package be installed using a
package manager (like RPM) for quick and complete removal (just in

In the typical situation (quick test), using the package provided
configure script option --prefix=/home/ices/opt/icecast should separate
testing operations and live operations. For icecast (2.3.3 anyway), this
results in a nice package tree (that is easily removed). Depending on
other configure and runtime options, sometimes symlinks to web and admin
supporting directories, log directories and proper permissions
(especially SELINUX) need to be created and set. And, depending on the
test dependencies, runtime linking directories configured, dependent
libraries preloaded, PATH adjusted, and maybe binaries RPATH. For a
complete test, during configure, add in any distribution package build
system build options. For Fedora, that would be RPM_OPT_FLAGS and
%{optflags}, not sure about CENTOS. This avoids surprises like -O2
optimization, added by most distribution build systems, introducing a

In the simplest case (very rare) where overwriting some currently
installed supporting files is okay, the provided ./configure script
options --program-[suffix|prefix] and --program-transform-name may be
all that is required. This assumes that all the supporting files are not
being tested / changed, and only the new binary is being tested. And
both the current installed binary and test binary can use the same
supporting files.

Seasons Greetings!

On Mon, 2015-12-14 at 11:53 +0000, Glenn Cooper wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been recently extending Icecast 2.4.x for Centos 6 on my home 
> machine, and now ready for publishing this to my server for testing on a 
> selected number of stations.
> Just two questions, I currently have over 250 stations currently running 
> on the server which I don't want to disrupt with this new binary. How 
> would I update the ./configure script to install my new Icecast under a 
> different binary name, not affecting the current installation?
> Secondly, I can remember seeing different "levels" of logging somewhere, 
> and for the sake of testing I would need the logging to be set to the 
> highest possible for debug purposes, can someone direct me in the right 
> direction,
> Thanks in advance,
> Glenn
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