[Icecast-dev] Icecast stats.xml

"Thomas B. Rücker" thomas at ruecker.fi
Thu Oct 23 00:02:49 PDT 2014


Thanks for taking the time to report this.

On 10/23/2014 06:38 AM, Roger Hågensen wrote:
> Consider this a Ticket for Icecast 2.4
> ********************************************************************************
> If you look at
> {{{
> admin/stats.xml
> }}}
> on a Icecast-KH server (default setup) and an Icecast 2.4 server 
> (default setup) the following is one of the things that the KH branch 
> has as extra info.
> {{{
> <listener id="3581">
>      <ID>3581</ID>
>      <IP></IP>
>      <UserAgent>foobar2000/1.3.3</UserAgent>
>      <lag>42631</lag>
>      <Connected>1028</Connected>
> </listener>
> }}}
> The fact that Icecast 2.4 lacks this info makes it impossible (or close 
> to impossible short of scraping the listener page) to collect listener 
> time stats.
> The listener stats (the id, ip and connected) is vital for building the 
> logs that StreamLicensing.com needs.
> Due to this SL can only support Shoutcast v1, SHoutcastv2 and Icecast-KH.
> These stats are vital for the calculation and reporting of the royalties 
> to SoundExchange and various PROs.

Hmm, thanks for summarizing this.
I have an item to look into exactly this type of thing, but it didn't
even reach trac yet.

> This causes a small issue as server hosting companies only support 
> Icecast (not the -KH branch), and Centova Cast (which many hosters use 
> for their backend) do not support Icecast-KH either.
> This causes a deadzone where Icecast 2.4 can not be used as the 
> streaming server.

It is very important for us to know about such things. So far we were
mostly under the impression that a combination of playlist.log and the
information available through the various admin XML representations
(there is more than the main stats XML) would be sufficient. Only last
June I ran into some mentions of a licensing service and actually
reached out to them, but yet have to go through the information they

> Icecast 2.4 and Icecast-KH should have parity on stats.xml as Icecast 
> 2.4 and Icecast-KH should be interchangeable using the default 
> out-of-the-box settings.

We'd prefer it this way, yes. Sadly KH has been continuously diverging
and it's really hard to still call it a branch. It only vaguely syncs
things from Icecast trunk, but there is zero flow back to trunk. As much
as I don't like doing that, I'm going to call it a fork.

> ********************************************************************************
> PS! Something must be wrong with Trac on Xiph.org.
> Each time I tried to submit the above I got an error saying:
> "SpamBayes determined spam probability of 72.83%"

I'm terribly sorry that you get caught in this.

> How can the above be spam (the ***** not included obviously), has the 
> Bayesian filter been poisoned?

I've been training the filter with good submissions, but it still
sometimes comes up and barfs at submissions like yours. I suspect it
might be due to the similarity to HTML and how many spammers just try to
dump random HTML into forms.

> Initially I got a spam probability of 50%, I changed the example url of 
> admin/stats.xml to not include http and localhost and port number 
> thinking that was the issue, but removing that made it reach 73% instead.

I'll disable the bayesian filter, it has caused too many problems. This
may lead to false negatives, but we usually catch them quite quickly.



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