[Icecast-dev] Installer for win32 icecast?

Yaniv Sharon yaniv.sharon at gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 08:10:10 PDT 2013

Waiting for the windows version too...


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Hi Lin,
> I am keen to try icecast + mixxx.org for local LAN radio broadcast but 
> I cannot find any installer from your website, icecast.org/download

Latest stable Icecast 2.3.3 does not seem to be available for Windows in
binary form yet. The older packages (such as 2.3.1) can be found here:


> Can you point me to the right download link ?

I would encourage you to try 2.4-beta3 and report any issues that you find.
There is a package for Windows here:


but personally I have not run 2.4-beta* on Windows. Most users seem to run
Icecast on GNU/Linux, so your feedback would be valuable.


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