[Icecast-dev] Android App for Icecast Administration

Daniel James daniel.james at sourcefabric.org
Mon Oct 7 02:41:31 PDT 2013

Hi Thomas,

> In addition to that you can extract additional mount point related
> information (also in XML format!) from other virtual files in /admin/ as
> mentioned in the documentation.

I had a look at
http://www.icecast.org/docs/icecast-2.3.3/icecast2_stats.html - is it
possible to get the aggregate time of listener connections from the
admin interface, or only by parsing the connection log?

This aggregate 'tuning' time is required for music royalty calculations
in some countries. Another useful thing to know is the geolocation of
each listener, as not all countries are members of the IFPI reciprocal
scheme for webcasters.



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