[Icecast-dev] Javascript source client

Thomas Ruecker thomas.ruecker at tieto.com
Sat May 11 23:51:31 PDT 2013


On 11 May 2013 15:32, Stephen Mahood <mv at cyberunions.org> wrote:
> Thank you for your interest in this, you description is as accurate as I
> can see.
>> From my perspective your challenges will be to get the containers right.
>> WebM for audio+video
>> Ogg for audio
>> Also (I'm not that familiar with webRTC) you might need to reencode
>> to Opus and VP8 in some cases?
> here is the great news [...]
> both Opus and VP8 are codecs are already supported in webrtc :)

Yes, I'm aware of that, but I don't understand webRTC well enough to
know if you can get away with a participant that only advertizes
support for the above and doesn't support:
and whatever else might still appear.

That is nothing to worry about for a first proof of concept though.
Start out with VP8 and Opus, worry about the rest later.

> It seems to me the bigger challenge is getting a javascript source
> client, the reason being is webrtc is written in javascript.

Yes, as I said, I'd concentrate on getting an ogg and webm muxer
working in Javascript. You might get away with something like
emscripten and libogg for the start? Something proper would be
preferred though.

Sending the stream to icecast is just HTTP-PUT, so should be easy in Javascript.

> I think there are amazing things that can be achieved with the webrtc
> connection to icecast. It seems could be similar to google hangout
> without the google dependency

Yes, the possibilities are vast. Now go and make it something awesome!



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