[Icecast-dev] Javascript source client

Thomas Ruecker thomas.ruecker at tieto.com
Sat May 11 03:14:27 PDT 2013


On 11 May 2013 04:44, Stephen Mahood <mv at cyberunions.org> wrote:
> I am new to the dev list here, but my question specific about any
> development towards webrtc integration.

I'm currently not aware of any such development.

> Let me explain, a couple colleagues and I are currently working on our
> webrtc build at live.mayfirst.org site useing nodejs. We are currently
> looking into seeing if there is any development of a javascript source
> client? This would be used to send the webrtc room to a public broadcast
> on our icecast server.

That sounds interesting. Let me reflect how I understand that and to open
up this topic to other parties:

You want to bridge an ongoing session (akin to a audio/video
conference/chat) in one direction to an Icecast server. Presumably for
consumption by an wider audience (think broadcasting a panel discussion).

This sounds very interesting from several perspectives. Foremost as
'how do I broadcast a radio talk show with distributed participants?' is
a recurring question that we face. Also 'collaborative VJ/DJing' might fit.

Also as Icecast 2.4 will support the Opus and VP8 codecs out of the box,
so in many(?) / most(?) cases there would be no expensive re-encoding.

In addition 2.4 will support native HTTP PUT (currently there is a quick
hack 'support' in beta 3 and trunk).

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