[Icecast-dev] Streaming AAC with libshout?

marcin at saepia.net marcin at saepia.net
Tue Jun 25 05:16:23 PDT 2013

"AAC is added as a supported streaming format

Not too many source clients support streaming in this format, but we
support it."

Source: www.icecast.org, chapter Icecast Release 2.2.0.

Even if it is very limited support compared to MP3 or Vorbis, it is still
better than nothing. The reason to use libshout instead of raw sockets is
DRY. Moreover, adding such functionality to libshout can easily lead to
embedding it in GStreamer's shout2send which is much easier process than
introducing whole new element into GStreamer.

I can initially declare will to take care of libshout and adding AAC
support but I will confirm this in July.


2013/6/25 Karl Heyes <karl at xiph.org>

> On 25/06/13 11:36, marcin at saepia.net wrote:
> > Ralph,
> >
> > so why the same Xiph.Org Foundation ever introduced AAC support in
> Icecast?
> >
> icecast has never had AAC support in. Don't confuse the ability to pass
> through content unmodified with parsing formats for timing, decoding or
> encoding. The latter is the issue with AAC.  Without encoding or timing
> support then you could ask why use libshout at all?
> libshout does not have a maintainer so if you wish to step up and tackle
> these issues then feel free to do so.
> karl.
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