[Icecast-dev] Questions about builds

Rücker Thomas thomas.ruecker at tieto.com
Mon Jan 28 22:34:06 PST 2013


On 22/01/13 02:13, Wes Keene wrote:
> I have a couple of questions about the various Icecast builds that exist:
> 1) It seems like new builds being done today are all "kh" builds. Is that observation correct? If I see something non-kh, is it older by definition?

No, Icecast is under active development and currently the stable version 
is 2.3.3 and there is a beta version of 2.4 (among other things webm and 
opus support). KH is a whole different story and you can't simply compare.

> 2) Other than possibly age, what is the conceptual different (if any) between kh and non-kh builds? What do kh builds hope to accomplish that old Icecast never did?

KH has a significantly different code-base than main-line Icecast. It 
also has some very interesting features, but sadly no contributions from 
there to main-line.
 From my personal opinion point of view it's a choice between a lot of 
features, less stability and very stable and less but solid features.

> 3) There was a kh-ads build at some point. Did that later become the Ando Targeted Ad Injector? Did the ads build continue to be developed?

No idea, you'd need to ask Karl that question. KH is his thing and he 
should know.



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