[Icecast-dev] Questions about builds

Wes Keene wes at keene.co
Mon Jan 21 16:13:34 PST 2013

I have a couple of questions about the various Icecast builds that exist:

1) It seems like new builds being done today are all "kh" builds. Is that observation correct? If I see something non-kh, is it older by definition?

2) Other than possibly age, what is the conceptual different (if any) between kh and non-kh builds? What do kh builds hope to accomplish that old Icecast never did?

3) There was a kh-ads build at some point. Did that later become the Ando Targeted Ad Injector? Did the ads build continue to be developed?

Thanks for humoring my many questions. :)

Wes Keene

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