[Icecast-dev] Icecast Server API

Richard Schülein rs at noveltech.de
Mon Feb 25 00:57:54 PST 2013



i know, that i maybe break all rules regarding mailing lists etc, but I
hope, I can get an answer from you for this question:


Is there an API do received the current listed stations?

We want to implement Icecast into a audioplayer and for that we have to
download the current stations list (is that allowed?)


So I’m searching similar function like Shoutcast offers:

Description: Get top 500 stations on SHOUTcast Radio directory.

URL: http://api.shoutcast.com/legacy/Top500?k=[Your Dev ID]


By the way
 do anybody know, why shoutcast don’t offer any more API-Keys?
Since 3 years no progress on that L



Best regards





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