[Icecast-dev] 2.4-beta fixes for MinGW

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Wed Oct 3 08:13:21 PDT 2012

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On 03.10.2012 15:14, Rücker Thomas wrote:
>> If someone has some free, maybe w32 GUI part of icecast could be 
>> ported to GTK+? If that is too difficult, just allowing icecast
>> to be run as a service and be able to dump its statistics into a
>> socket or pipe should be enough - separate GUI can be hooked up
>> to that.
> I think most of what the UI presents is available through the web 
> interface (and XML if someone wants to use XSLT and process into a
>  native UI).
OK, that should be sufficient (everything and its dog has web
interface these days...).

> I guess providing a decent (nullsoft?) installer that inserts a
> service would be the way to go.
I meant W32 service utility code - it requires its own special kind of
main function, and currently icecast uses some wicked preprocessor
wizardry to compile main() as mainService() - which is obviously
incompatible with current makefiles, and only works because MSVS-based
buildsystem is completely separate.

Service insertion/removal may be integrated into icecast itself (just
as it's integrated into icecastService right now), or might be done by
a separate app. Actually, i think there's a tool built right into W32
that does this...regsvr32 or something?

What installer runs at installation time is up to the installer
packages maintainer.
Though IMO since users will have to configure icecast anyway (i.e. do
config file editing), there's little value in automatically installing
the service instead of just telling the user to run
register_icecast_service.cmd and start_icecast_service.cmd after
configuring it.

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