[Icecast-dev] 2.4-beta fixes for MinGW

Rücker Thomas thomas.ruecker at tieto.com
Wed Oct 3 04:14:26 PDT 2012


On 03/10/12 12:10, LRN wrote:
> With these one can build 2.4-beta (AKA with mingw32 (gcc-4.7.0).
Hey, that's cool. Thanks a bunch!

> Note, however, that win32 subdirectory is:
> 1) Lacking a complete Makefile.am, so it can't be built with autotools.
> 2) Depends on MFC, and MFC is not provided by any MinGW toolset (and
> MS' MFC is, most likely, highly incompatible with MinGW).
> So you only get a console binary.
Yeah, that matches my expectations. MinGW was my preferred option too, 
as I don't see myself setting up a VS6 with all dependencies for this.
Loss of UI is unfortunate of course as there are many people who got 
used to it.

> If someone has some free, maybe w32 GUI part of icecast could be
> ported to GTK+? If that is too difficult, just allowing icecast to be
> run as a service and be able to dump its statistics into a socket or
> pipe should be enough - separate GUI can be hooked up to that.

I think most of what the UI presents is available through the web 
interface (and XML if someone wants to use XSLT and process into a 
native UI).
I guess providing a decent (nullsoft?) installer that inserts a service 
would be the way to go.

We'd need to address some transition items. Provide e.g. a link to the 
config file. Document how to restart the service.

Again thanks for your work. It's highly appreciated.



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