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Wed Jul 11 03:30:18 PDT 2012

Lol well good luck with this
I have been asking for this for well over a year

I don't know if anyone even reads this list man...
Certainly nobody who has access to make the 5 - 10 minute change to the
yp.xml feed is responding anyway

On Jul 10, 2012 11:53 AM, "Assen Totin" <assen.totin at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> 1. I recently noticed that yp.xml is still limited to 1,000 entries only
> while the web directory says there are over 21K streams. I remember some
> discussions regarding the bandwidth required to serve this file, so is it
> possible to get it in compressed format? Here are some figures:
> - the yp.xml as served now (1K entries) is 343 KB. This means 21K entries
> will be around 7 MB.
> - compressing yp.xml with gzip (default options on Linux, not even -9)
> gives a yp.xml.gz of 14 KB. This means 21K compressed entries will be less
> than 300 KB, or less than the current uncompressed 1K! gzip is fast enough
> to be used on-the-fly (bzip2 gives even smaller size, around 8 KB for 1K
> entries, but is an order of magnitude slower). If CPU usage is a concern,
> then to avoid on-the-fly compression, yp.xml can be compressed, say, once
> every minute, cached and served from the cache.
> 2. Also, I noticed at hat all 1K entries in yp.xml right now come from the
> same web site, radionomy.com. It claims ti has over 3K streams. However,
> there are some issues with their entries which make them nearly useless:
> - all of their streams are listed with the "server_name" tag set to
> "Unspecified name". Having 3,000 stations named "Unspecified name" is not
> very useful. Every station at radionomy.com has a distinguished "name"
> which is actually part of the URL - could they send this actual name as
> "server_name"?
> - all of their streams have the "genre" tag set to "various". Again, not
> very helpful; their web site says there are clearly different genres, about
> a dozen, and each station belongs to one; why cannot they send the proper
> genre name?
> The only email I could find on their web site is faq at radionomy.com, all
> other contact info is in the form of web forms.
> If I could be of help on any of these two topic, please, let me know.
> With my best regards,
> Assen Totin
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