[Icecast-dev] yp.xml - Size and Contents

Assen Totin assen.totin at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 08:52:58 PDT 2012

Hi all,

1. I recently noticed that yp.xml is still limited to 1,000 entries only
while the web directory says there are over 21K streams. I remember some
discussions regarding the bandwidth required to serve this file, so is it
possible to get it in compressed format? Here are some figures:

- the yp.xml as served now (1K entries) is 343 KB. This means 21K entries
will be around 7 MB.

- compressing yp.xml with gzip (default options on Linux, not even -9)
gives a yp.xml.gz of 14 KB. This means 21K compressed entries will be less
than 300 KB, or less than the current uncompressed 1K! gzip is fast enough
to be used on-the-fly (bzip2 gives even smaller size, around 8 KB for 1K
entries, but is an order of magnitude slower). If CPU usage is a concern,
then to avoid on-the-fly compression, yp.xml can be compressed, say, once
every minute, cached and served from the cache.

2. Also, I noticed at hat all 1K entries in yp.xml right now come from the
same web site, radionomy.com. It claims ti has over 3K streams. However,
there are some issues with their entries which make them nearly useless:

- all of their streams are listed with the "server_name" tag set to
"Unspecified name". Having 3,000 stations named "Unspecified name" is not
very useful. Every station at radionomy.com has a distinguished "name"
which is actually part of the URL - could they send this actual name as

- all of their streams have the "genre" tag set to "various". Again, not
very helpful; their web site says there are clearly different genres, about
a dozen, and each station belongs to one; why cannot they send the proper
genre name?

The only email I could find on their web site is faq at radionomy.com, all
other contact info is in the form of web forms.

If I could be of help on any of these two topic, please, let me know.

With my best regards,

Assen Totin
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