[Icecast-dev] issue with fileserve in KH branch

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Mon Nov 8 04:39:49 PST 2010

On 08/11/10 11:13, Johann Soukup wrote:
> Hello together
> after trying to deploy one of the latest version out of the KH branch to
> our servers we ran into an issue with streaming of ondemand files.
> After deploying 2.3.2-kh27.1 and also trying 2.3.2-kh24 and 2.3.2-kh22
> we see that if we try to stream an ondemand file through the fileserv
> option we get the ondemand file play back correctly and also see the
> appropriate file length in the player (WinAmp). if we seek in the file
> (jump to a later position in the file) the correct time code is sent to
> the server and also displayed in the client (WinAmp) but the stream
> always plays back from the beginning of the file.
> The seeking and forwarding works correctly in the official version 2.3.2
> of the Icecast server.
> I have not tried earlier versions than 2.3.2-kh22 and haven't found
> anything in the changelogs regarding the fileserv option. It also seems
> that the code of fserve.c has not been changed since the version 2.3.2.

The fserve handling was changed some time ago with the larger thread 
changes. I've confirmed the issue and it looks like an unwanted 
initialization.  I have a test version up on my site 
(icecast-2.3.2-kh27.3.tar.gz) if you want to try it.


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